[St. Luke's Logo]

Corporal Works of Mercy

  • Feed the hungry
  • Give drink to the thirsty
  • Shelter the Homeless
  • Clothe the naked
  • Visit the Sick
  • Visit the imprisoned
  • Bury the dead

Spiritual Works of Mercy

  • Correct the sinner
  • Instruct the ignorant
  • Counsel the doubting
  • Comfort the sorrowful
  • Be patient with those in error
  • Forgive offenses
  • Pray for the living and the dead

January Need of the Month

The need of the month for January is:

  • Over the Counter Medicines
    • We are in great need of over the counter medicines for colds and flu. With this winter turning into one of the coldest in recent years, we are seeing many people with colds, sinus problems, etc. We can use any of the following:
      • Cough Medicine like Robitussin, Vicks Formula 44, Delsym, Musinex, etc.
      • Cough drops and throat lozenges, etc.
      • Pain and Fever Reducers like Advil, Motrin, Tylenol, etc.
      • Benadryl
      • Ibuprofen like Advil,Motrin, etc.
      • Cold / Flu Medicines like Sudafed, Dimetap, Tylenol, Day/NightQuil, etc.

Thank you so much for your kind and compassionate consideration in helping us help God's poor. May God bless you and your families in great abundance!